Future Projects

A Vision for the Cabrillo Beach Boathouse

Built in 1932 as a destination for Las Angeles residents riding the Pacific Red Car line, Cabrillo Beach offered a place to rent a bathing suit and towel (for ten cents) and enjoy the wonders of the Pacific Ocean The Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse is the last remaining example of the bathhouses along the Southern California coastline Along with the Boathouse, both structures were used during the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics for the sailing events. Pan American Airlines operated the luxurious Pacific Clipper from these shores, before being replaced after the Second World Wor, by newer lang range aircraft.

The Bathhouse was renovated in 2002, and now the Cabrillo Beach Boosters are determined to bring back the Cabrillo Beech Boathouse and Pavilions. The rebuilt Boathouse and Pavilions will restore the historic fabric of the beach and offer practical uses in the form of a new lifeguard headquarters, a beach rental and concessions facility, as well as creating a reenergized public gathering space.

Ground Plan

Historic photographs show a circular path that once ran between the picnic pavilions and the beach. As shown here, we propose to continue the new boardwalk and connect the three building areas far freer access, thus enabling a more functional, unified recreational destination.

This plan also shows rebuilding the pavilions (small bungalow-like structures used for shelter and barbecues) and arranging them around a central sandy space along the outer portion of the beach.

The new structure would go a long way towords the ongoing development of Cabrillo Beach as a natural, outdoor aquatic center offering recreational boating, youth activities and surfing.

Restoring San Pedro’s historic fabric means rebuilding the boathouse and public pavilions and along with the existing bathhouse, create a true public legacy for all generations to enjoy.

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