The Danger That Happens When USB Drive Is Force-Free

 After we discuss place fix the data storage, now we will discuss the dangers that Happen when USB Drive Force Released.

When we insert the USB Drive into a laptop or PC, then move the data, we often want to quickly pass so that the device must be forcibly released. What happens, there is no Safely Remove Hardware, the file then becomes corrupt.

        The user should be more patient to wait safely Remove Hardware before releasing the USB Drive. Yet the waiting time was not long, on average only 30 seconds.

        “Waiting for 30 seconds is sometimes required to eject our USB Drive, which will keep the files and data stored, including software inside, safe,” said computer expert Philip Remaker in a quorum in Quora.

        According to him, the operating system on the laptop has been programmed to treat external drives (such as USB stick), always sticking to the port. That is, the laptop will always assume the files in the USB can always be accessed without time constraints, and this changes the way the laptop interaction with the flash drive.ThinkPad USB Portable Secure Hard Drive

        “This means that if a computer program only reads files and does not store information to the drive, this possibility will not make the file corrupt if it is forcibly released, but the risk actually hit our computer. Symptoms of damage from lost data, the file system which is corrupt, the program are damaged, or the computer hangs and should be rebooted, “explains Remaker.

        Conversely, if we change or upload new information to the drive, no matter how long, the situation will be slightly riskier. This is because our operating system is too efficient to lay off operations easily and store the information provided.

        “For efficiency, the laptop does not actually ‘re-write’ the files until there are many files being transferred.By doing a USB eject is tantamount to telling the computer to start writing.Well if you move the USB drive without warning to the computer, the possibility of the laptop has not finished doing ‘writing’ to the drive, “added Rachel Z. Arndt.

        In essence, forced removing an external drive can make your file disappear, even if it’s been saved for hours. There are at least three commands to be done when a laptop user ‘safely remove hardware’,

  1. Accelerate the process of writing to disk
  2. Give warning to all computer programs that run and connect to the disk, to stop working
  3. Alert users when the program fails to copy, and there is still an open file.

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        Well, already understand the importance of ‘safely remove hardware’, which only takes 30 seconds?